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CCTV Camera Pros works to partner with qualified CCTV installers to offer third party surveillance system & security camera installation services in the following areas. Please note that our list of CCTV installers changes because businesses rise and fade; we do our best to keep our list up to date.  PLEASE ALSO NOTE: the companies that we offer installation referrals to are not employees of CCTV Camera Pros and should be checked out by you. While we do our best to keep our list clean with only honest and reliable companies, which is always a challenge. We recommend that if you decide to use a company that we have referred, please take the time to check them out just as you checked us out.


CCTV Camera Solution:

CCTV CAMERA,IR CAM (Night Vision Camera,Box Type Camera,Dom Camera,IR Dom Camera,OUTDOOR PTZ,OUTDOOR FIXED CAMERA,IP CAM (TCP/IP Network Base),PTZ CAM,IP PTZ,Others,


DVR CARD (PC Base With Microtech Customize Software, Enhance Security Server),STANDALONE DVR (DVR With Online Monitoring Software),Network Vedio Recorder (NVR),CAR DVR,RESPONSE SYSTEM,ALARM,MOTION DETECTOR ALARM,CAMERA CONTROL SYSTEM,CAR Parking System Monitoring With Controlling System,SOFTWARE CCTV Remote Control,CCTV Online REMOTE Management.,

Access Control Solutions

Firstly if the installation is using high-resolution 600 to 700 TVL cameras which are often night vision you basically have to make sure that your digital video recorder DVR and monitor are both equally as good at replaying and displaying the recorded images.

Often you will find that when good cameras have been used once you play back the recordings on the machine they are not as good as the lively images, and if this is the case this defeats the object because if an occurrence happens where you need to provide the evidence of the recorded footage, you don’t want inferior images which could make it more difficult to prove the facts, or if they really are of low quality it my make it impossible to use recordings as evidence..

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