Your computer’s  motherboard  (also referred to as a mainboard) is the big slab of complicated circuitry which forms the main hub of your computer. Everything your computer does, from communicating with  peripherals  to using memory, to sending a visual signal to your monitor, depends on the motherboard.   This article will give you a quick 101 on your computer’s motherboard. You’ll learn what a motherboard is, how to tell if something is wrong with it and how Nerds On Call can help.     If your computer is behaving unpredictably, giving out a burnt plastic smell or refusing to boot altogether, your motherboard might be the culprit. We are the nerds who can make that problem go away! 

               you should know about your computer’s motherboard

The tricky thing about a motherboard problem is that it can affect many parts of your computer in unusual ways. For this reason, positively identifying the motherboard as the problem typically requires a careful process of elimination. This takes time and a lot of know-how. Similarly, fixing your motherboard is unusually difficult and time-consuming, because everything in your computer needs to be stripped out before the motherboard can be replaced.     Unless you have a well-trained and knowledgeable nerd on the case (like us!) a lot of time can be wasted correctly identifying the motherboard as the problem, let alone fixing it.

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